The Room Block
The Room Block
Empowering Growth in the Hospitality Industry, with Bob Graham

For a hotel sales and event management software company to not only survive, but thrive over the past year, it has to have a pretty unique value proposition, as well as a visionary leader. Today in The Courtesy Block I am joined by Bob Graham, CEO of Event Temple, where we talk about his journey co-founding and growing Event Temple in a sea of more established hotel management systems, and why they stood out as a success story in 2020. Listen in to find out what attributes have made a difference for Event Temple as a company and Bob as a leader, and how an entrepreneurial mindset driven by curiosity and values help to create success, happiness and opportunity for all involved.

About Bob Graham: Bob Graham, Event Temple’s CEO, is a visionary and natural leader. His mission is to help people with great character thrive so they can make a positive difference in the world. Bob is passionate about the future of hotel sales and what that’s going to look like in this era of industry recovery. Bob is driven by his curiosity for life and leads his team with integrity and purpose. In his spare time you can find Bob playing the Spanish guitar, playing foosball with the team, or going on a worldly adventure.

About Event Temple: Imagine someone on your sales team won the lottery and quit today, what would you do? Would you know where to start with their leads or bookings or would you be lost? You don’t want to be caught in the dark. That’s the power of Event Temple’s award winning Sales CRM and Event Management Software. The platform was designed to keep you and your sales team all on the same page no matter where you are in the world. Built around four main pillars: ease of use, best in class integrations, industry leading support and robust reports, Event Temple is ideal for hotel groups and hotels (with or without meeting space) looking to win more business while managing the entire sales process, from prospecting to closing business, all in one platform. To learn more about Event Temple visit:
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