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The Room Block
Paying It Forward, with Joann Chmura and Ephraim Yarmak

What’s your next move when faced with a seemingly insurmountable challenge? Joann Chmura, Director of Client Services for Simpson Healthcare and Ephraim Yarmak, Founder of #1000Hires both believe that the answer is to help another in need. Join me as Joann and Ephraim share how what could have been their darkest hours were brightened by the actions they took helping and connecting with their communities. With an acute understanding of the pain and suffering that so many job seekers are facing right now, Joann and Ephraim empathize with and encourage listeners who may find themselves or their loved ones in such a position. This conversation showcases humanity at its best, and will leave you feeling hopeful knowing that help is out there.

About Joann Chmura CMM, CIS, HMCC: With 20+ years of experience as a Meeting and Event Project Management Professional, Joann is an expert relationship builder and a cost effective time manager. In addition to being an invaluable team member, she has won awards for her work on the Human Trafficking Steering Committee and Task Force with Maritz Global Events. Prior to that, she was the sole proprietor of Strategic Meetings and Events, LLC, a full-service meeting planning company.

About Ephraim Yarmak: Ephraim founded #1000Hires in May 2020. Their goal is to empower people in their job search and create leaders that pay it forward. The #1000hires project aims to get at least 1,000 people impacted by COVID layoffs back on their feet, using bite-sized video interviews for recruiters and prospective employers to get a glimpse of their stories.