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Teaching the Art of Hospitality, with Zana Usher

Can the art of hospitality be taught? According to Zana Usher, Founder and CEO of Zana DeVine Hospitality, it can, as long as you have the heart for hospitality. Zana is a hospitality expert and coach who was born into the industry and now lives to serve those who serve in it. If you manage a restaurant, hotel, or a team within one, this episode will show you how investing in a hospitality coach can be just what you need to start a positive cycle of service, satisfaction and sales. If you are an employee, let Zana’s passion for people and enthusiasm for opportunity show you what is possible when you commit your heart to hospitality.

Founder and CEO Žana Usher, originally from Berlin Germany, had the privilege of being born into a amazing hospitality family. Her father was acclaimed chef and her mother was the head of a housekeeping department at a medium sized hotel. This is where her passion and true love for the world of hospitality began and while abroad gave her the incentive to earn a bachelors in Hospitality and a masters degree in Hotel Management.

​Žana has 25 years of knowledge and expertise in the hospitality industry around the world working with stellar brand names, such as Hilton, Intercontinental Hotels & Resorts, Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts, Fig & Olive, to name a few. Fluent in four languages, Žana is thrilled to offer services in German and English.

Žana DeVine Hospitality (formally ZD Hospitality) is a premium global training and coaching provider specializing in serving the hospitality industry. We are dedicated to equipping, inspiring and assembling excellent hospitality teams.  Founded on the principle that hospitality is about providing at all times outstanding guest service and cultivating a healthy, productive and warm work environment for its staff and managers.  At any given time, guests enter your  restaurant, hotel, casino, resort or country club, wanting to feel recognized for choosing your establishment, appreciated for being there and catered to their individual needs.  Žana will ensure your team, services and process are exceptionally healthy and ready to give your guest the superior experience they deserve!

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