The Room Block
The Room Block
Exploring Experiential Design, with Mallory Gott

What is experiential design and how can it help the events and hospitality industry? In this episode of The Room Block I am joined by Mallory Gott, Owner and Creative Director of G + A, An Experiential Design Firm which helps transform clients such as restaurants, bars, and other boutique hospitality event and brand experiences through their feelings-led 4D Framework™.  Mal explains how experiential design helps your customers develop an emotional connection to your brands and businesses, as well as uncover solutions to challenges big and small. If you haven’t yet considered what you want it to feel like for your customers to experience your brand, then Mallory Gott is here to guide the way.

After years designing experiences of all kinds (events, conferences, trade shows, learning programs, pop-ups, training, and more) for some of the world’s most discerning audiences, Mallory Gott, founder + creative director of G+A, realized that her approach – identifying the feelings she wanted an experience to evoke and then reverse-engineering those feelings through intentional design of each facet of the experience – was anything but typical. From her unorthodox style, The 4D Framework™ was born and Mallory began guiding clients through the experience design thinking process, salvaging events, products, and services that seemed beyond help.

By focusing on emotion and desire first, working solutions instead of solving problems, and emphasizing intuitively-based decision making over a data-or-die mentality, G+A quickly amassed a portfolio of experiential design success stories helping client after client rediscover their innate magic to fantastic results and resounding success!

Read about how to apply G + A’s 4D Framework™ to find a solution to any challenge by checking out this blog post.

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