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The Room Block
Using Data Insights to Enhance Your Impact, with Steve Gabourel

Are you using data in a way that drives maximum impact for your organization?

Most of us are aware that data is something to collect and analyze, and that it can guide us towards making the right decisions. To Steve Gabourel, Principal Investigator of SG Insights, however, data is a science and an art. After years of consulting for organizations that hold annual meetings he sees data as a way to communicate with and serve those who matter the most to your business – your community of employees, attendees, guests and members. After listening to this episode you’ll find that some of the biggest questions and challenges your organization faces can be solved by taking the first, or next, step of your data journey. 

Stephen Gabourel is a social science professional specializing in mixed methods research to provide quantitative and qualitative insights. 

His work with associations and participation in the strategic evaluation process of their meetings and events has given him the opportunity to navigate and enrich his knowledge of dozens of industries and sectors.

Stephen is the Principal Investigator and Founder of SG Insights (SGi), a business formed to help empower organizations with data to drive decision-making processes which help them grow, prosper, and enhance the impacts they make in their respective communities or industries.

When he is not working you might find him spending time at the beach, hanging with family, traveling, or doing anything else to learn, strategize, or create. 

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