The Room Block
The Room Block
Humanizing Virtual & Hybrid Events, with Hoyin Cheung

Events are taking place in-person again, and many of us are more than ready to attend. But what about those of us who aren’t yet ready, or simply can’t attend in person? Fortunately and as event professionals know, there are numerous virtual event platforms to choose from, each with their own special features, or as my guest puts it, “superpowers.” Hoyin Cheung is the founder & CEO of Remo, an online interactive events platform whose superpower is the ability to transform the experience of connecting, communicating, and collaborating with people across the globe by “humanizing” online interactions. Hoyin joins me in The Room Block to chat about how his desire to create a more connected global workforce morphed into a business model that is now serving the events industry.

Hoyin Cheung is an entrepreneurial visionary with a knack for being ahead of the curve. Accurately predicting the social and psychological harms associated with Social Media, he moved on from his successful Social Media agency to pursue the future of humanized digital interactions.

He went on to pioneer technology and ground-breaking concepts in remote work and real-time virtual collaboration. In just over a year, Hoyin has grown Remo, from 5 to over 100 members all working globally. He is currently passionate about creating authentic conversations that drive meaningful relationships in the most human way possible with the help of technology.