The Room Block
The Room Block
Serving Yourself & Unlocking Possibility, with Amanda Zahner

Sometimes we get stuck in certain areas of our life because we can’t see other options. Amanda Zahner, a former event planner who is now Co-Founder and Chief Experience Officer of the Haus of {&}™ joins me in The Room Block to share her journey to recovery and how she changed her life by unlocking new doors. My conversation with Amanda is about possibility. The unknown options we have, the surprising ways we find the courage to explore them, overcoming our hidden demons (some of which run rampant in the events industry), and what happens when we choose to do what serves us and eliminate what doesn’t.

Amanda Zahner is the Co-Founder and Chief Experience Officer of the Haus of {&}™. Haus of {&} is a mindset, methodology, and lifestyle brand on a mission to help you open the door to possibility. You can usually find her in Cincinnati (her hometown) or Chicago, the cities where the people she loves the most live. Credentials are boring so if you want to learn about her education, work history, and anything else for that matter, just consult the knower of all things, Google, where you can find her various social profiles. You can also check out Amanda’s website by visiting

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