The Room Block
The Room Block
Demystifying Women in Event Production, with Anca Trifan

March is Women’s History Month, which is a celebration of women’s contributions to history, culture and society. In this episode of The Room Block, I celebrate Anca Trifan, founder and CEO of Tree-fan Events, a woman-led boutique event planning and production agency. Anca is a podcast host, content creator and storyteller who builds lasting connections by unapologetically being herself – even if that means being a woman in a male-dominated field. Anca explains how she turned her dreams into reality and why she feels so strongly about being a cheerleader for every role that goes into making an event an outstanding experience for all. After you hear Anca’s story, you will see why she is a woman to be celebrated not just this month, but every month. 

Anca Trifan, CMP, DES is the founder, creator and CEO for Tree-Fan Events – a woman-owned, boutique technical event planning and production agency that provides the strategy, technology and gear to host a successful virtual or hybrid event. Anca has worked in event productions for almost twenty years and has extensive experience and knowledge in the areas of technical event productions, event planning, event design, event management, and will happily walk you through the entire event planning and production process with the highest level of standards to design a perfect and seamless event. She is a Certified Event Professional, a Digital Event Strategist and the recipient of the 2022 40 under 40 Biz Bash Connect Corporate Meetings Awards.

Anca is the Host of “Events: demystified”, a tactical podcast for anyone in the events industry, beginner or pro, where entrepreneurs, event professionals, influencers and event industry leaders from the events community share their personal & professional experiences with her audience. Anca is the Founder of the online community, Women in Events (Tech + Prod), a platform that advocates for women in the technology and production world, a passion fueled by a deep conviction that there’s need for more women role models in the production event world.

Volunteer Experience:
Anca sits on the board of Idaho Women in Technology, Unity Ministries, and has volunteered her time in planning events produced by Idaho Non-profit Center, She Tech, Boise Entrepreneur Week, and Meeting Professionals Internationals.