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Speaking Up to #StopAsianHate, with Jolene Jang

In this episode of The Room Block I am joined by Jolene Jang, Asian Inclusivity Expert and #StopAsianHate advocate. Jolene gives us a glimpse into current Asian American concerns and explains how Asian American lives are being affected by hate – as well as why this matters to the hospitality and events industry. In this honest and raw conversation, Jolene Jang speaks up for the many who can’t, or won’t speak for themselves, for reasons that you will hear about in this episode.  As hospitality workers, meeting and event organizers, and community builders who truly care about the experiences of our guests, colleagues and customers, listen in to hear how you can do your part to #StopAsianHate.

Jolene Jang, Asian Inclusivity Expert, creates workplace cultures where Asian employees feel like they belong.  She equips employees with knowledge and skills to integrate Asian inclusivity into your daily practices.  Your company will attract and retain more Asian clients and employees, and tap into the fastest growing ethnic market in the US. 

Many corporations are not aware of the fastest growing buying power – that of Asian Americans. She sheds light on these unexplored profits and possibilities and how to appeal to Asians.

She created Empowered Asians Facebook group providing a safe place for Asians to find support, speak up, and make their voices heard.  She created Asian Allies Group, a weekly drop-in discussion and on-going Facebook group for non-Asians to learn about the impact of Anti-Asian Hate, how to amplify Asian voices, and how to build safer, more inclusive communities.

Jolene is an energetic, entrepreneurial, curious, do it yourselfer, swing dancing, Japanese, Chinese, Swedish American Seattleite. In her 25 years of business as an entrepreneur, most of her professional career was in corporate team building, maximizing meetings and speaking on innovation for Fortune 500 companies.

Jolene thrives on stepping into the unknown and dabbling in the differences. She pops into new environments where she doesn’t belong in order to meet people she wouldn’t bump into, discover topics she hasn’t heard of, and this results in experiences she has not dreamt of. The value of comfort zone pushing besides feeling alive is getting a window into other people’s lives and building community. This sparks a surge of creativity she uses to innovate.

Jolene fought and inspired others to get a law passed and succeeded in all 50 states. She is a three-term Past President of the Washington Chapter of the National Speakers Association and 3 term event chair and founding board member of the Seattle international Live Events Association. Jolene has been interviewed by  Oprah, the Today Show, and Good Morning America.


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